ENGLISH below ⬇️西部ゲアンの生物圏保存地域からの貴重な金花茶 - Izumiで販売中金花茶、またの名をカ... [Instagram[Izumi Manager]]

ENGLISH below ⬇️
西部ゲアンの生物圏保存地域からの貴重な金花茶 - Izumiで販売中


✨ 金花茶の驚くべき効能:
- 悪玉コレステロールを減らし、善玉コレステロールを増やし、心臓を保護します。
- 血圧を効果的に下げ、長期間安定させます。
- 血小板の凝集を抑制し、心臓病の予防をサポートします。

🌿 100%天然素材:



**Precious Golden Camellia from the Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve - Now Available at Izumi**

Golden Camellia, also known as Camellia Quephongensis, is a natural treasure discovered in the Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve, the largest nature reserve in Southeast Asia recognized by UNESCO. This rare tea, discovered by a research team led by Japanese professor Hakoda and Vietnamese associate professor Tran Ninh, not only stands out for its rarity but also for its remarkable health benefits.

✨ **Amazing Benefits of Golden Camellia:**
- Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, protecting the heart.
- Effectively lowers blood pressure and maintains long-term stability.
- Inhibits platelet aggregation, supporting the prevention of heart disease.

🌿 **100% Natural Ingredients:**
Harvested from the forests of Que Phong in Nghe An Province and processed entirely by hand without preservatives, Golden Camellia retains its original flavor and health benefits.

Discover this precious tea at Izumi and enjoy the blessings of nature and its health benefits!
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