English below ⬇️ 東南アジアの3d冷蔵庫用マグネット,ベトナムの観光客へのお土産ギフト🇻🇳‼️ IZ... [Instagram[Izumi Manager]]

English below ⬇️
東南アジアの3d冷蔵庫用マグネット,ベトナムの観光客へのお土産ギフト🇻🇳‼️ IZUMI オススメ🙇🏻‍♀️




3d fridge magnets from Southeast Asia, souvenir gifts for tourists in Vietnam 🇻🇳‼️ IZUMI Recommended🙇🏻‍♀️

💕These magnets are made of high-quality wood, ceramic and other materials and can be firmly attached to refrigerators, magnetic boards and other metal surfaces. Through these small art pieces, you can express your love and pride for Vietnam's rich culture. These landscapes are also a great conversation starter for you, your friends and relatives, a wonderful way to share travel memories and stories.

Above all, these magnets are perfect as meaningful and unique gifts for friends and family. Specially selected to bring the charm of Vietnam to Japanese homes, these beautiful landscapes will make both the giver and the receiver smile.


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